Mar 6, 2017

Christmas in Sugar

I flew into Salt Lake two days before Christmas, on a pretty late flight. Spencer left the girls in Idaho for the night to come get me, and we spent the night in the Utah house- since we were pretty tired and travelled out. We didn't sleep much because Ezra was wide awake in the middle of the night. The next morning we went to visit Heather and drop of her Christmas present from my parents, and then we promptly drove off to Idaho to reunite with our girls. I was so incredibly excited to see them again after such a long separation. Maya was at Walmart with her grandma so we surprised her there and took her back to the house and we were finally back together again! yay!! 

Here are some pictures Spencer sent me while I was in Japan and he was with them for a week:
Sienna is in Ari's PJ's and Maya is in Siennas...a little too big. haha
For Siennas birthday we got her one of these cool things where they can draw, and push a button and it resets. 
When Spencer sent me the weather report for Sugar, I snuggled up a little tighter in my blankie! Yowza.
He is a good Daddy
Perfect little snowman
When he sent this one, it really made me wish they were in Japan with me.
Snow Angel
If you want a white Christmas, sugar is definitely the place to be!
Im not sure what this list is for. Do a teepee, talk, eat. Im in.

You know its cold when your face turns bright red after a few minutes!
but still happy as ever
Cousin Tommy taught Sienna and Maya that pokemon are cool. Enter pretending to play pikachu on a daily basis. ( this has now faded, and is no longer a thing apparently.... haha)

Sarin put on a tea party for the kids with Noelle's playset. Maya thought it was so fun, that for her birthday we got her her very own mini porcelain tea set. We have had many many tea parties since that time. Maya LOVES pouring. She is always pouring stuff and I swear it drives me bonkers. She pours full waterbottles into tiny glasses and water spills every where. She pours her cup into her dinner. She pours our soap bottles into the toilets. She pours shampoo bottles into sink. Anything pourable is sure to be poured out. Finally she is given free reign with her tea set to pour without mom going loosing her marbles. 

Fun tea party with lots of yummy little treats.
 The last several Christmas Eve get togethers we rent out the elementary school gym. We have a thanksgiving style feasts followed by activities in the gym. This year was no exception. The kids & Spencer have such a blast with this kind of stuff! So fun. 

 We tried really hard to make it to a live nativity, but came in just short of making it. We still got to walk around and see the live camels and the set up which was really cool.

When we got home we had the kids open their Christmas Jammies (which were pikachu ones, since they always pretended to be pikachu)

 Christmas morning fell on a Sunday this year, so we got up and let the kids open their stockings before heading off to church. The rest of the day was kind of like any other since the family opted to open Christmas presents the next day so Jenna and Tony could go open to their other families house for Christmas night. Since we did stockings one day and presents the next, it kind of felt like 2 Christmas's. 

Sienna an her Japanese robe & the umbrella we got her for Christmas
I made both the girls nighties and a sunday dress. I also made them a crocheted blanket for the car.

I also painted each of them a music box that came with a key
 Sneakster Maya got into some hair products and rubbed them all over her face, causing a allergic reaction. After a few skin concoctions and some medicine, and going to the doctors-who did nothing, a lots of questioning did I find out what she put on her face. 
the picture does really do it justice.
you can kinda see the puffiness in this one.

After Christmas everyone started getting sick. We still went to movies & went to check out Jennas new house, but other than that we were combatting fevers and coughs and sore throats.

Even with a temp, this girl wont turn down a bowling opportunity
happy to be bowling, but you can tell she feels miserable in her eyes.
the boy never slept when sharing a room with all 5 of us.
Hope no one needed to use the car this morning.
Other honorable mentions which I don't have pictures of on my computer:
- Sledding...Spencer took all the little kids sledding one night while the rest of the family went to the temple.
- Family history class
- Girls activity to the house of this nice lady who spins her own yarn from her sheep in the backyard. We learned how to make yard from wool & spun some ourselves. It is a lot trickier than it looks to spin both feet the right way to make the wheel go forward, while focusing on pulling the yard with your hands. Haha, I think I will stick with knitpicks for my yarn needs. But that was super fun.
-Devins dance game on the xbox.

Sugar City Video:

Some pictures from Spencers Orlando trip:

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