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During the Fall of 2009, after dating for 7 months, we decided we were going to try a long distance relationship, just to see how we felt when we weren't always around each other. Turns out, we learned a lot through these next few months. Not only did we realize how much we missed each other, we realized HOW MUCH we really like each other. We talked on the phone day in and day out. I mean ALL the time. Almost every other weekend Spencer would drive down to Utah, or I would get a ride up to Idaho. We had talked a lot about getting married, but didn't know when or how soon. Opting not to rush into a decision to soon, we just continued to talk about it every once in a while, and work to get our own answers. I came up to Idaho to celebrate Spencer 24th birthday. I showed up at Gringo's and had dinner with his family. We all got fried ice cream that was DELISH. Spencer and I went on a long drive that night, and were able to talk for a long time. It was great!
Meagan :The previous time I was up in Idaho we had looked at wedding rings, but we both nearly had heart attacks. I browsed through the rings quickly, sweating bullets, and he stood far enough away making sure that he didn't know anyone that was passing by. We quickly left that store, laughing and admitting that we were not ever going to put ourselves through that again, until we were both ready. So I knew that he didn't have a wedding ring, and that he hadn't talked to my dad. Late that night he dropped me off at Caitie's house for curfew. (Love that girl!)

Yeah, so I dropped her off at Caitie's house for curfew. Then the next day was one to be remembered.. Neither of us were expecting anything to happen. We had been at a stand still in our relationship for awhile and I wasn't sure what was going to happen. The next morning I slept in and was really thinking about Meagan and I. I figured if I prayed about it then the answer would come, so I did. I prayed and after a little while I felt like I should turn on the radio and that I would get my answer from listening to the music. Right when I turned it on I felt good inside and knew that I should call her dad. I grabbed my phone and my heart began pounding really hard inside my chest. I just held the phone in my hand and looked at her dad's phone number. Then in the background I heard a song playing on the radio, Be Still My Soul. I don't k
now if it was a coincidence or what, but I felt like it was a sign. I kind of laughed about it then called her dad. When I finally got a hold of him everything else went well. The day was already half gone and I had to figure out how I was going to ask Meagan. I brainstormed for an hour planning out the details then at 4 p.m.

The next day was great, Caitie and I slept in, we made reese's peices pancakes, and hung out together. Then lunch time came around, and Caitie, Justin and I all went out to Millhollow for the 'good old times'. Us three had been there many times, and it was so fun to reunite. But I was so curious as to where Spencer was. It was almost 4 and I had not seen nor heard from him! I finally hear from him around 4:30, and he said he was pulling into town. FINALLY! He came and picked me up, and had the great idea of going to hike R' mountain. I thought this sounded like a great idea. We had hiked this mountain before, and one night we had dinner(gold fish, scones, fruit snacks, and peaches- if that qualifies) out there under the stars. I asked him what in the world took him so long, and he just said he was doing stuff for his internship- emailing and such. He was acting normal the whole car ride- just a little different looking back. I did NOT expect what was to come. As we parked the car, I saw his guitar in the back seat, and asked him if we could bring it up (his plan all along).

Spencer: I went to Rexburg and picked Meagan up. I made up some excuse why I didn't hang out with her earlier in the day, which she bought, yeah! She was hanging out with a couple friends and invited them to come and I was like, oh no, this could ruin my plan. Luckily they had other things to do so we took off in my car. I tried my best to make it seem like nothing was out of the ordinary and when she asked what we should do, I tried to just be spontaneous and was like
, I dunno let's go hike a mountain. This wasn't out of the ordinary for us.


So we hike to the top, and once we were at the top, he gave me a really long hug. We proceeded to find a place to sit. He pulled his guitar out of his case, and said then asked me to look if there were any music sheets in the pockets. I pulled out our song, ' you make me happy' by NeverShoutNever. I was excited, because I love that song. He sang that, I could tell he was nervous, but I thought it was just because it was really windy, and a little cold. As I was putting that back I found another one. I wanna grow old with you. He sang that and it was so romantic I remember the first time I heard him sing, he sang ' Passenger Seat' by Stephen Speaks. I fell in love with his voice, and I listened to that song at least everyday. It got old with my roommates real fast. He put his guitar away, and then pulled out some cupcakes from the cocoa bean. My cupcake had an awful lot of frosting on it, and so I pushed all the frosting off, and there was a ring. I was confused, and I looked up to ask what was going on, and he was down on his knee, right in front of me and asked.

Spencer: The whole time until I asked her the question it was in my mind making me kind of dizzy, but she had no clue. Everything went according to my plan I had made just hours before except the part where she was supposed to say yes right after I asked.. She waited about a minute for me to say I was just kidding, but when it didn't come she consented.

A whole range of emotions came to me, at first I thought it was a joke, and then I realized he was for real. I didn't respond for a long time, it wasn't until he was like, 'umm are you going to answer?' that I of course said yes. He got up, and gave me a big hug and kiss. We hiked down the mountain and called all of our families to tell them the great news.

We spent the rest of the day calling people and just hanging out. It was great, we had no idea it was goin
g to happen and when it did it felt like we weren't forcing anything but rather letting it happen in a natural and timely manner.
Meagan: We then went and picked out my real ring, and Bada boom badabing- the rest is history.

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