Kids Say The Darndest Things

Sienna: This is a real big traffic jelly ( instead of traffic jam!)

Maya: (talking about day care at the gym) I was playing with a baby. They had burger in thier nose. It was a boy burger.

Maya trying to say easy peasy lemon squeezy: queesy peesy lemon squeezy peesy lemon peesy

Me: Maya and Jacob were building a sand castle together at the park
Sienna: Oh, were they synergyzing?
Me: :o....(?!) yes....yes they were.

Maya making daddy wear glass slippers

Spencer put Maya to bed the other night. She was trying to make up as bed time story. She would fall asleep for a few minutes, jolt awake and finish a sentence or two before nodding off again.

Sienna:What is your favorite dress up?
Punkin: Cinderella.
Sienna: Why?! Do you like chores? (confused.)

Me: Should I feed the little guy?
Maya: (concerned) No! No! Don't eat my little bud!

Maya: Mom, I have an eye bugger in my eye. Do you want to see it when we get home? (two hours away from home).
Me:No, thats okay just throw it on the ground.
Maya: No, that's okay. I want to keep it for ever ever ever (singing)

Sienna, " Mom, when that boy gave me the necklace, I thought I was in love with him."

Maya woke up to a little bum rash and told Sienna she needed a bandaid. This morning when Spencer went to go change her, later she had one of those great big square bandaids stuck on her little cheekie that her sister lovingly put there for her.

Sienna: Ugh my cereal is so sneaky. Every time it always tries to run away from my spoon.

Here is a snippet of a g-chat Spencer and I had a few days ago.
Meagan: Since cleaning out the back room, Maya has 1) Dumped out our entire huge thing of salsa all over the fridge and floor. 2) Spread peanut butter over all our counters.
Spencer: That really stinks.
Meagan: Haha. I know. But she had her first solid poop since like 2 weeks this morning, so that's good news!
....The weird things parents rejoice over...
Spencer: Haha yeah so true, but actually I am really happy about that too!

Sienna while watching maya take a nap, " Oh mom, she is just so cute, I could just sit and stare at her forever...." I know Sienna, I know...

During a quite family dinner at Grandpa Glen's....Sienna sigh's loudly while her hands fall to the table, and her eyes roll up to the ceiling. " "UGH...I AM JUST SOOOO BABY HUNGRY." Out of the blue. Love it.

Sienna: Mom, when I am a grandma will you please still live in my house with me and still cook me food I love?

Sienna: When I watch Peter Pan, Mr. Smee is immodest. He should put on a different shirt.

Sienna : "Maya, you have a fever so you need to hold still I am going to cut your leg a little bit and it will really really hurt."
Me: "Sienna what kind of game are you playing with Maya?!"
Sienna : "Well yesterday my teacher told me that Joseph had a fever so the dentist had to come cut his leg. It really really hurt, and the hurt came back, but then he got all better. But he didn't get medicine."
Me: " Are you talking about Joseph Smith, when he was a little boy?"
Sienna : "Yeah, so Maya hold still while I cut your leg....There ya go, now you will get all better."

Pointing to Spencer's adams apple, Sienna asks what the bump is? He tells her. She asks. " Is that where all your bad germs live? ( She loves talking about bad germs and good germs. We constantly hear things like. When I eat this vegetable, my bad germs are saying " ohhh nooooo we are dyyyinnng!")

During prayer, I prayed that we could be helped to catch up in the Book of Mormon. Sienna let out a gasp and a continuous giggle. After closing the prayer she asked why I would put ketchup on my book. After explaining the difference between catch up and the condiment, she whispered... "Is that a potty word?" I don't think she quite grasped the meaning.

I was trying to explain to Sienna that she should try to avoid things (candies) with red dye in them. The next day Spencer offered something pink or red to Sienna. She told him, " Mommy said if I eat that I will DIE!" Spencer: " Uhrm...I don't think mommy would say that."

Sienna: I didn't come right away because I had to fix Maya's feelings.

Sienna: Maya is trying to break my ears. (Maya banging her bowl and spoon together).

Watching snow white together Sienna asked why the prince came singing to her house. I told her they saw each other and really liked each other. She asked if it was true love? I said in this movie yes. Then she said, "Then its just like me and Alec."

 Maya is a lip gloss lover.  It is the only toy she has played with for more than an hour at a time. In fact she carries it around all day- putting it on like nobodies business. Onetime she had a bright pink one. It was all over her lips and upper lip and nose. Sienna came out of the bathroom to witness the scene, and exclaims,"Whoa...Maya, I am going to call you lipstick face."

After listening to the song Scripture Power in the car- Sienna says, "I need to read the scriptures more so I can get power everyday. Then I will have powers like Elsa."

The other day I gave Sienna a dollar to give to a fundraiser for homeless women as we were walking out of a store. In return this woman gave both my daughters a sucker.  Sienna said several times:
"My sucker flavor is peach and mormon. I love the mormon flavor. Maya did you get the mormon kind to?"
I had to physically turn around and take her sucker so I could see why she thought it was Mormon flavor.  She meant Mango. Haha. Mormon flavor :') 

After Maya kept locking herself inside her bedroom and then crying while I try for several minutes to unscrew the door and force my way in, I just decided the leave the door handle off for a night. I heard her playing after I put her to bed and she knew she should be laying down. I looked through the door hole, and she saw my eye- froze, and said, " Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay" and ran back to bed and fell instantly asleep. 

Sienna ran up to me: Mommy I made you something really so special.
Me: What is it?
Sienna: Here ( She throws me a wadded up toilet paper ball). I made you a snow ball!

Sienna: (to Maya while they are in laughing to themselves on my bed). I love you TOO much.

Sienna: Hmmm. Bubble guppies? If that was a gum, I think I would really like it.

Sienna: Dad, I wish you were a girl so that you could paint your nails with us.

Watching a documentary with Sienna on babies, they zoomed in to show blood cells inside the baby. Sienna goes, " Whoa, mom....he has raspberries in his tummy." Close babe, they are called red blood cells.

This morning while sweetly nursing my tired baby, she looked up and while caressing my face and nose she then jammed said razor sharp finger nail into my nose. What followed was a 30 minute bloody nose. She laughed. 

While reading Sienna her bedtime story Maya was being mysteriously quiet. After I came out to get Maya and put her to bed I noticed Sienna's plate of left over enchiladas from dinner vanished. I was surprised, thinking Maya sat down and ate it all. A few minutes later I realized she actually took the plate into the bathroom and dumped the remaining enchilada into the potty. (Didn't even have the decency to flush.) Ha! oh man, I hope this hasn't been going on with a lot of my dinners.

Every time Sienna goes to put on her shoes she asks, "is this the right foot mommy?" and every single time it is the wrong foot. Every. Single. Time. I don't know how she beats the odds but its pretty incredible.

I have overheard Sienna say " Hi guys" upon entering her room several times. I wasn't sure who she was talking to, but assumed it was her toys. But today she told me that we need to hurry up and leave her room so her toys can come back to life. Watching Raggedy Ann the musical adventure (although a bit scary and needed to be fast forwarded at one point) sure gave spark to her imagination with her dolls and toys and thinking they come to life.

{Sienna overhears on a movie}: I don't like ultimatums
Sienna: Did he say I don't like tomatoes?
Me: No he said, I don't like ultimatums.
Sienna: Ulti-ma-tums? um. no mom he said I don't like tomatoes.

Sienna : Wow mom, Heavenly father is sure healing up my owie that is on my foot.

Maya- for several weeks the only things I hear from Maya have been "here!" and "shoe!" My days are full of a little shadow demanding Here! Shoe! and handing me a new shoe. Then she runs to a closet, finds a new pair and repeats the process until bed time.

Maya learned how to say I Love You one night when I was putting her to bed, and milked it for all it was worth. She cuddled up onto my shoulder and said " I love you" probably 100 times before I had the heart to put her down to bed.

While talking on the phone to papa the other day she couldn't understand him and just kept saying, "What the whaaaat?" "what the whaaaaat?"

Sienna kept calling Maya 'Mata'. For several weeks, wondering where it came from- we heard the 2 year old little philipino boy across the sidewalk call Maya 'Mata' while playing together. Sienna decided she likes Mata best.

Eating breakfast with daddy one morning...
Sienna: Daddy can only girls get pregnant?
Daddy: Yea, and when you get married you can have babies just like Mommy.
Sienna:Ohhh yeah. And when I get married to Alec I am going to get pregnant too.
Mommy:Is it going to be a boy or a girl
Sienna: A girl.
Mommy: What are you going to name her?
Sienna: I am going to name her Maya just like you. But your Maya will be big and my Maya will be small like {high squeel} baby June.

Sienna playing pretend with Maya..."Maya am going to work now, but I am going alone. So you need to stay here, do you understand that?(do you understand that? are you serious...haha!)

Sienna : "Dad left to work without his bishops today with Sienna." (she means pushups)

Me: Sienna, take your dish to the sink.
Sienna: No thank you.
Me: You mean "yes okay mom."
Sienna: Mom, I am going to say No thank you, and then you say.. okay. Okay? Now, lets try that again mom. (Hmm. wonder where shes heard " lets try that again" from?)

Reading a bedtime book to Maya, and she bust's a gut laughing at the end of every sentence. I had to read the story twice so she would do it again. So funny.

Sienna often sees me put lotion on Maya, and sometimes I let her help. This morning I gave Sienna permission to put lotion on Maya's back while I finished up my scripture study- so they could both be outta my hair for a few minutes. Sienna comes bounding in and says, Okay mom I put this all over Maya. She plops a ancient bottle of jergens self tanner lotion up on the table. (must have dug through my cupboard for that...because I didn't know I still had one of those.) I jumped up in a panic and sure enough, self tanner was slathered all over my babies back, chest and a few dots on her head! Washed off immediately, and no signs 12 hours that is a good sign. ayyy.

"Mom, I have a sad problem. And you made this problem sad when you cut my BAnana."-Sienna

After spending 2 weeks with Grandpa Glen, Sienna insists on calling Maya 'Mayra'. 

While flying on a particularly bumpy flight, every time we went over a bump Sienna would yell, " We are falling to the ground!" "Mommy, we are crashing!" "Everybody we are going down!"She was legitimately scared( I had to use my arms as a second buckle), but it gave people nearby a good chuckle.

Sienna kept telling me I had puff's all over my face. Figured out she meant freckles. She keeps telling people that 'mommy has puffs on her face.'

Sienna singing, " ...are about the Lamanites in ancient house-to-be. Long ago their fathers came from far across the sea...."

Early one morning Sienna crawls up on my bed to wake me up. She gets under the blanket, snuggles up close, holds my face in her hands and says "Mommy, please don't sleep- you are my best friend." Heart melted.

During a prayer at linger-longer Sienna saw me from across the room (after her two hour class). She yells " MEAGAN MEAGAN MEAGAN MEAGAN" while running from the opposite side of the room, arms wide spread, to give me a hug and kiss on the leg. ( I noticed a lot of peekers during the prayer.) She has started calling me Meagan since we had a lot of family over the break call me that. I am trying to transition her back into mommy.

We once explained that we going to spend the night at our friends house. She misunderstood and thought we were going to spin the night. She spun and spun to her hearts delight at our friends house. It didn't dawn on me until she started saying "look mom, I am going to spin the night." followed by twirls in her dresses. 

Sienna experienced the joy of fruit by the foot for the first time. I asked if she would like one, she of course says yes. She holds it down by her foot and says, "look I have a fruit by my foot too."

While playing catch with Sienna, she (happily) exclaims , "Mommy I am going to throw a big big fit" followed by a wind up and a small little toss. Clearly has heard the phrase but has no idea what it means. 

"Sienna, you are getting so big!"
"Yeah, so now I can go in the kitchen." (we have a no kids in the kitchen's baby gated)

After a lot of tears and a drippy nose, Sienna exclaimed " I need a tish-me" instead of a tissue. (cause it is for me not you. : )

Spencer left out a huge bag of yogurt covered pretzels one night for Sienna to discover the next morning. When she woke up and saw them, she exclaimed, "MOMMY, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!" Close hunny. : )

When Sienna wakes up she usually cries/calls out for one of us. (wee hours of the morn). This morning as we listened to her yell "Daddy Daddy" we realized it was coming not from her room, but from outside our window. She kicked the screen out of her window and just had her head outside screaming "Daddy" really loud and waking all the neighbors.

"Sienna, what is pooh bears favorite color?"
"red"-wearing a red shirt.
"Sienna, what is mommies favorite color?"
""-wearing a blue shirt
"Sienna, what is Maya's favorite color?"
"Uh, Nakie." -down for a nap, and not nakie. But I guess she roams around nakie quite often. Good color choice Maya.

"Mommy, wanna blueberry?" Blows raspberry on my cheek.

While getting ready in the bathroom together, Sienna pulled a headband down, stretched it, the put it around my waist and said- "its a big one, mommy- shake your booty."

One morning Sienna and I were playing monkeys. I told her my name was George and I asked her what her name was. She thought for a moment, then patted her back side and said my name is bum bum.

After reading and tucking Sienna into bed, she continued to tell me she 'neeeeeded' Pappa bear. I gave her pappa bear, then she 'neeeeded' monkey man, and she 'neeeeded' violet (all of her stuffed animals she likes to cuddle while falling asleep). And then she 'neeeeded' Maya. She wanted me to give her Maya to cuddle with and hold all night-just like all of her stuffed animals. She was mildly sad when I told her no, Maya was sleeping in mommies room.

Sienna kept telling me she wanted orange babies. After several, several minutes of trying to figure out what in the world these orange babies are that she is talking about- I solved it. Spencer brought home some mandarin oranges the night before. To Sienna they are orange babies-and she has already devoured 5 of them.

Sienna while waiting at a stop light : "Green means go, and red means apple."

Mom: "Sienna, you are going to be a good potty trainer"
Sienna: "Chooo chooo"

Me: "Sienna, what is your name?"
Sienna: "Sienna Tokyo Tower Cobia"

A man at a restaurant bumps Sienna's chair, afterward bowing and saying sorry about 5 times and disappearing into the kitchen. When he reemerges 10 minutes later Sienna proudly states, "Hi Sorry sorry sorry" .

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  1. I LOVE reading these…and that "Mommy you're my best friend" totally melted my heart too!! You'll be SO glad you did these forever & ever!! Sienna has such personality, it's incredible, can't wait to see it in person soon!!!!


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